The Mansion Nightclub

For general questions, private events and or venue or night information please fill out the form or call one of the contacts below.

Rentals – Private Events

Lost And Found

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Bottle service/Table Reservations

No, a deposit is NOT required for a table reservation. However, all reservations are asked to arrive prior to reservation. The Mansion reserves the right to let go of any table reservation if party is either later or a no-show.

No. In order to get bottle service you need a table, and in order to get a table you need to meet the minimum bottle amount for your desired section.

Cutting of the line is not guaranteed. Please do your best to always arrive a bit earlier than your designated reservation time.

Please have your reservation confirmation at hand when informing the doorman.

A bottle/table reservation DOES NOT include cover.

Venue guidelines and event information

Yes you may attend events at The Mansion Nightclub, Te Mansion is 18+ Over.

Dress To Impress

  • No Tank Tops
  • No Sleeveless T-Shirts
  • No Plain White T-Shirts
  • No Shorts
  • No Sweatpants 
  • No Excessively Baggy Clothes
  • No Sandals
  • No Flip Flops
  • No Dirty Athletic Sneakers
  • No Flats (Ladies)
  • No Beach Attire
  • No Extra Baggy Tee’s
  • No Jerseys Or Athletic Wear
  • No Big Chains
  • No Hats
  • No neck/Gang affiliated tattoos allowed

The Mansion Nightclub Offers Valet Parking, we suggest you arrive early.

Here is a list of all accepted forms of ID for entry.

* A valid, current driver’s license issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* A valid photo identification card issued by the Illinois Secretary of State Office or any other state.

* Armed Forces Identification.

* A valid U.S. Passport or travel visa/passport issued by a foreign country containing the holder’s photograph.

* Matricula Consular